Why Express Training Courses Can Improve Your CV or Business Plan

by Diane Shawe

Global life long learning

Have you spent the last 6 months or less sitting in front of the computer pounding away and sending CV after CV out?

Have you been studying websites that advise about the best top tips of presenting you CV, how to get noticed, how to stand out? but you still have not got a job?!

Do you find yourself becoming psychologically attached to your computer, veering off into your social media, looking at things that just take up your valuable and dare I say it, available time? Do you end up feeling very tired and unfulfilled after a few hours surfing?

Then you really need to keep reading this article..

When was the last time you excited anyone enough to call you for a quick telephone interview? Well as daunting as that last statement may sound, it is really possible but you have to start getting a new Emperors Cloak Quickly and one that fits you and makes you look attractive!

Surrounding us is daily news of the current global down turn. Fact! this slow down has affected countries all around the world. Basically if consumers don’t buy because they can’t afford it, then sellers don’t produce. This principle also applies to countries, regions and your local county. So do you really need a job?

I think once again the rose tinted glasses have been removed for many people. This is not to say that, not everyone deserves a well paying job and security, but the world seems to have shrunk. More people are competing for less and less golden nuggets and the cost of living is increasing month by month.

The truth is, the world has changed – and fast. Finding a job/career like our great grandparents (with security, pensions, etc) is truly going to be far a few between, especially as we are living longer and the manual roles have changed and given way to automation.

So you need to get that precious job or promotion fast and you need to upgrade your skills to set up a business or indeed improve your business. How would you normally attend to this? well most people would turn to mainstream learning such as adult education, college or university.

Getting qualified or exposing yourself to some practical training is the only way to inject a level of professionalism and even specialism into your CV so as to attract a potential employers eye or before you embark on a new sideline business. Starting a business is not for everyone, but even a small business on the side can be a great source of supplemental income.

Although these traditional learning methods are good and effective, they all have one thing in common and that is TIME. Having to wait to enroll and then for the term to start can take weeks, in some cases months because of over subscriptions. Loosing out on that valuable job opportunity is a short term option especially if you don’t have the advantage over many other applicants, but loosing out long term can be financially crippling!

There is however another option which is becoming more and more popular and that is intense short workshops and online e- study (distance learning), whereby you can start learning instantly and can get your qualifications quickly!

Workshops are practical, interactive and effective ways of learning and digesting information. Because you are already driven and motivated towards achieving that next job or career, the whole learning process will mean a lot more to you which will aid you to getting qualified quickly.

Express training allows you to build on your current skills to gain a more advanced level, quickly and cost-effectively, but you have to be prepared to invest in yourself. For every thousand pounds per annum you want to earn, it is suggested that the idea personal investment of £100 per £1,000 on educating and adding new skills to your whole portfolio will help move you closer towards your goal.

A new breed of online courses and intense workshops have sprung up to deliver highly prized courses and training in a matter of days. Not just packed with all you need to know, but accessible continuous learning on the move via your Smart Phone, notebooks, tablet or computer.

Courses designed to boost you and keep you at the top of your game. For more information visit Express Training Courses.

Diane has worked with a variety of celebrities, models, photographers, SME’s and Corporate businesses. Prior to forming her own business, Diane worked in Advertising and Marketing, Head of Vocational Training, Telecoms and IT, Business Development and Smartcard Loyality schemes. Founder of Need a Makeover and i-send.

Author of her latest book ‘How to Cyber Kiss your Business to Success by using Proximity Marketing’ has opened up new opportunities to encourage SME, Corporates and Smartphone users to promote their services in a cost effective way by using Bluetooth technology.

Diane has also published the first comprehensive ebook titled “What they don’t tell you about getting started in the hair extension business” Visit http://www.academy-of-vocational-and-professional-training.org

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